Masterclass is for women entrepreneurs who are ready to “go big.”

Only 3% of all women entrepreneurs get to $1M in revenues. I’ll show you how to be one of them.

Did you ever wish you could work smarter, not harder, increase your revenues threefold, and get back the joy you felt when you started your business in the first place? I know I did when I was scaling up my business, Little Pim, and it took me years to figure out how to delegate, optimize sales, manage the finances, and get to $1M in revenues.

I designed the course I wish I could have taken to get there faster, and I am so excited to share all these amazing tools and resources with you.

Masterclass teaches you the secrets of successful CEOs and the best practices it took me hundreds of hours to master. We will apply these teachings to your business together, in a community of women entrepreneurs just like you who are scaling up.

About Masterclass

As part of Million Dollar Women Masterclass, you get access to our private online group and are placed in a professionally coached “Mastermind” group with 6-8 other women. Close bonds are formed over the four months of the program, and it becomes an amazing support network you can count on. Then we all meet up in person at the Million Dollar Women Summit in New York City.

Why not make this the year you figure out how to “go big” ? Even better, you can do it in great company, with the right coach, community and curriculum designed specifically for women seeking to scale up.

Next Steps

Tell us briefly about you and your business, and someone on the Million Dollar Women team will get back to you, so we can see if Masterclass is right for you. In the meantime, we automatically send you four more short videos for free with Julia’s teachings on What Three Things a CEO Should Do, The Go Big Mindset, and Figuring out Finances. When we set up your call with Julia, she will learn about you and tell you the cost of Masterclass. It costs less than a flat screen TV and less per month than some of the bags you have been eyeing on Pinterest! We also have installment plans and scholarships available. Scroll down to read testimonials of some of our graduates!

Next Masterclass starts on Tuesday, June 6th so don’t wait. Seats are limited.

Masterclass Elements:
  • 8 modules of an online course taught by Julia Pimsleur
  • 4 months in a professionally moderated “mastermind” group with other high-growth women entrepreneurs
  • Lifetime membership in a private online group for all Masterclass members members
  • Degree from Million Dollar Women Masterclass (great for fundraising purposes and Linked In)
  • Includes one ticket to Million Dollar Women Summit (annual gathering of 150 high growth women entrepreneurs in New York City)
  • Includes the exclusive eBook “Power Networking for Female Founders” by Julia Pimsleur

Fill out the form below or email with “Masterclass” in the subject line and answers to the below questions. We will make sure the next four free videos from Julia land in your Inbox, and will contact you with more information about the upcoming Masterclass.

  • Tell us why you want to take Masterclass in under 150 words


IMG_3753 1I have poured into Masterclass: over 11 years of experience building and running my businesses, five years of mastering business best practices in Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) and the secrets of successful CEOs  I profiled in Million Dollar Women.  I have coached hundreds of women about scaling up their businesses, and taught over 75 women to raise capital in my fundraising workshops over the last four years. I am so proud that they have raised over $15M!  This is the course I wish I had when I was building Little Pim to be a seven figure business. If I had been able to take Masterclass, I know I would have gotten to $1M faster and with far fewer bumps, bruises and bellyflops. I hope you’ll join me and be part of this incredible community of women “going big.”



Masterclass has been instrumental in teaching me how to get my business to the next growth level. I recommend this class to any woman looking to take her business to $1M faster!

– Helena Fogarty, Founder and CEO of Mi Ola Swimwear



MariaVelissarisAfter four years of working IN my business, Masterclass allowed me the opportunity to work ON my business.  Julia created a thorough, streamlined curriculum that brought me back to the core fundamentals of running a successful business: mindset, finance, marketing, strategy, and execution. It was invaluable to focus on these elements that really drive the business and will help to ultimately drive success.

Maria Velissaris, Founder and CEO of La Voila Beauty



Masterclass helped me to build the infrastructure of my business and have the tools to feel confident moving forward. One area it really made a difference is strategy.  For the first time, I put a strategic plan in place and feel like I can grow my business in a more streamlined way now.

Kat Rudberg, Founder and CEO of Crafted Taste



Julia was very inspirational and she pushed us to look at the truth about our businesses.  The classes on mindset and strategy meant I could lay a solid groundwork to more effectively run and grow my business!

Jaynée Howe, Founder and CEO of Geo Tots


I now feel like I have a road map to follow as I scale my business! For me, one of the best parts was connecting with women in a variety of industries whose businesses are in different phases of growth. I’ve found we can all relate, trade ideas and help each other find solutions.

Jaclyn Munzer, Founder and CEO of Tide and Pool



Taking Masterclass got me to work on my business in a way I know is going to help me grow faster and take shortcuts. I loved learning from Julia who makes even the tough topics seem doable, and meeting the incredible other women in the course. Liz’s coaching in Mastermind was also terrific and I always look forward to those calls. I recommend this class to women who want to go big and be part of a great community of women doing the same.

Aranka vander Voorden, Founder and CEO of Jogha

Picture1“Masterclass distilled Julia’s many years of business experience into course that allowed me to step back, reassess my plans and work on my business instead of in my business. With new knowledge and tools in the areas of mindset, strategy, sales & marketing, finance, fundraising and execution, along with a new strong network of female entrepreneurs across the country, I am progressing confidently on my journey to being one of Julia’s one million women making $1m in revenues (and then some) by 2020!”

Rachel Portell, Founder of Taylored Wines



“Julia’s fun and clear way of presenting the materials made it easy for me absorb all the great business best practices she taught. Taking Masterclass really contributed to my personal and business growth – I am so glad I took the class!”

Francine Steadman-Krulak, CEO of BuddhaBooth


Picture3“I had been looking for a rule book ever since I started my business, and this class and community is the answer to that. Masterclass opened up my brain to so many things and this is exactly what I needed. I am so proud to be in a group with amazing women building excellent businesses!”

Elizabeth Parks Kibbey, Founder and CEO of Collection



“I found Masterclass to be really empowering. As a woman in tech I felt isolated from other female entrepreneurs, and it’s been great to finally have a community of like-minded women that have the same challenges and opportunities. Julia covered things people rarely talk about, including the difference between being a female and male entrepreneur, and gave us tools we could use right away. I feel more confident now to achieve my goals since taking her class. Thanks Julia!”

– Rebecca Devaney, CEO of Hunter Creative Labs

erin_nude-barre_headshotJulia’s course gave me the community and resources to get prepared for my fundraising pitches and to work on long-term planning for my business. I also love the other women in the Masterclass community and have learned so much from them. Julia’s motto “Fortune Favors the Brave” really resonates with me and now I feel a bit more brave than I did! Thank you Julia and the amazing women in Masterclass.”

Erin Carpenter, Founder and CEO of Nude Barre