I’m Julia Pimsleur

I am an author, speaker, founder of Little Pim, scaling coach, and help women become the biggest, boldest versions of themselves.

Why work with me?

I have built a multi-million dollar company from scratch. I have been in the entrepreneurial trenches, so I get where you are and how to get you to your next destination faster.
One of my superpowers is making complex things simple. My book Million Dollar Women sold 10,000 copies and has helped thousands of women build successful businesses.
I excel at helping women get the Strategy, Execution and Mindset they need to go big. I am a trained mindset coach (Master Coach Practitioner in NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming) so I can help you overcome limiting beliefs, get out of your own way, set high goals and meet them, and be the biggest, boldest version of yourself.

“If not you, who? If not now, when?”


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"Your Masterclass gave me a lot of confidence when scaling my business. It helped me break through $1 million in revenue, so one more down!"

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Natalie Mackey

Founder and CEO of The Glow Concept

"After four years of working IN my business, Masterclass allowed me the opportunity to work ON my business. Julia created a thorough, streamlined curriculum that brought me back to the core fundamentals of running a successful business: mindset, finance, marketing, strategy, and execution. It was invaluable to focus on these elements that really drive the business and will help to ultimately drive success."


Maria Velissaris

Founder and CEO of La Voila Beauty

“Masterclass has been instrumental in teaching me how to get my business to the next growth level. I recommend this class to any woman looking to take her business to $1M faster!”


Helena Fogarty

Founder/CEO of Mi Ola Swimwear

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