It is my great privilege to work with ambitious women entrepreneurs all over the world and share what I have learned in building businesses, raising $26 million and coaching self-made million dollar women. If you have ever thought you are “in your own way” or that there is a bigger version of you and your company you have not tapped into yet, or you want help scaling your business, let’s set up a time to talk.  See below for ways to work together and you can also find me on social media (especially Instagram, Twitter and FB). I’d love to hear what you are working on and help you move obstacles out of the way so you can be the biggest, boldest version of yourself.


5 Ways to Work With Me


Explore the site and read Million Dollar Women

Check out:

Fundraising Resources for women-focused funders and accelerators.

Read my blog for helpful posts that address your questions and issues.

Quick and Easy Read:

Read Million Dollar Women (available in print, digital or audio) to learn how you can break $1 million in revenues, find inspiring stories and discover the 10 mantras for female entrepreneurs. Then download these Exercises to help you apply the lessons from the book to your own business!


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Take a course online or in person

Sign up for Million Dollar Women Masterclass.

This is an online course I designed to help you accelerate your business growth and go big in great company. I teach six weeks of online live classes and you benefit from three months of being in a professionally coached “mastermind” group with other high growth women entrepreneurs.

Million Dollar Women In Person Workshops.

These workshops teach strategy for accessing capital and take place twice a year in New York City.

I’m proud that the 75 women who have graduated these workshops have raised a collective $15M for their businesses.


Book me to speak at your event


I speak at events all over the world about women and entrepreneurship, breaking through limiting beliefs, raising money and going big. To learn more, please check out my Speaking page.

I’d be happy to customize a talk or workshop for your event or group.

Email to get rates and availability.


Hire me as a 1:1 coach.

Certified NLP Master Coach Practitioner

Six Months of 1:1 Coaching

This longer term coaching relationship is ideal for women seeking to solve business issues like “How can I double my revenues?” or “How do I raise capital for my business?” or “How can I run my company more efficiently and get out of the day to day?”

Good for longer term goals like scaling up, fundraising, becoming more efficient.

Package of Four One-Hour Coaching Sessions

This package of four coaching sessions is perfect for when you want help with a high level decision or an entrepreneurial challenge. Some common issues include “What kind of capital should I raise?” and “How do I build an Advisory Council?”

Good for short term goals and solving specific problems and challenges. 

Breakthrough Session

This one-hour session is designed to help you break through the biggest obstacle you’re currently facing in your business. Popular topics include: Launching a Crowdfunding Campaign, Creating a Strategic Plan, Getting Ready to Fundraise, and Building an Advisory Council.

Breakthrough Sessions are perfect for working through one specific challenge or big new initiative. 

Email to learn more about coaching.




I’ve had the incredible good fortune of working with Julia Pimsleur on creating a solid foundation for my consulting firm, so that profits can soar. She is a great co-pilot for success, keeping me on track with key milestones and co-creating innovative ways to structure the business for greater profits and more sanity. I recommend her book, her coaching, her MasterClass – everything she does is first class and delivered with heart.

Natalie Lynn Rekstad, Black Fox Philanthropy, LLC


Julia gave me the confidence and tools I needed to take my business to the next level.  She is motivating, focused, realistic, and kind.  It was a pleasure working with her and I highly recommend her for other entrepreneurs looking to take a big step!

Jodi Bondi Norgaard, Founder/CEO of Dream Big Toy Company


After four years of working IN my business, Masterclass allowed me the opportunity to work ON my business.  Julia created a thorough, streamlined curriculum that brought me back to the core fundamentals of running a successful business: mindset, finance, marketing, strategy, and execution. It was invaluable to focus on these elements that really drive the business and will help to ultimately drive success.

Maria Velissaris, Founder/CEO of La Voila Beauty


Working with Julia helped to illuminate some of the obstacles I was facing and gave me great tools to not only overcome them, but to thrive. I recommend her to any woman trying to go big in business!

Jessa Messina, Founder of YoJo


I was so thrilled to work with Julia on scaling my business. Her advice is absolutely invaluable, as is her support and motivation. She provided so much clarification and helpful guidance for future marketing and growth strategies. I would so much recommend her coaching to other entrepreneurs!

Sara Sakowitz, Founder of Blue Moon Box

Working with Julia made a huge difference in how we approached and wrote our business plan. Her advice, comments, and criticisms helped us build a compelling and well-rounded plan, attractive to the most savvy investor. Julia is friendly and eager to help all women entrepreneurs, so we will continue to seek her guidance in the future!

– Rae Wynn-Grant and Alex Sutty, Co-Founders of Buff You Intimates

Working with Julia saved me months of research and development time, and she really helps me see around corners and into my blind spots! I think I have seen the greatest impact of our work together in my sales and marketing strategy. I always get off our calls feeling refreshed and inspired. She is exactly the coach I needed to help me kick it into high gear.

– Erin Janklow, Founder and CEO of Entrada ESL

Working with Julia has been a “game changer” for me and my business. Her no nonsense, “let’s get it done” attitude was refreshing. Julia has the ability to think outside the box and put together a workable, nimble plan to help you move your business forward. She is generous with sharing her personal experiences in business (the good and not so good), and most of all Julia actually listens — listens to your needs and wants so that she can best guide you to the outcomes you desire. Deciding to work with Julia was one of the best investments I’ve made this year.

Vanessa Bennett, Founder & CEO of Premier Seamless Gutters Training Academy